This is a 4 hour "no nonsense" program

We follow Universal Guidelines established in 2015
including all up-dates and the requirements of
WA Labor and Industries for a Valid First Aid Card
(WAC 296-800-15010

The topics required by WA L&I and covered in class are:

Role and responsibilities of the first-aid provider
Assessing a scene
Performing an initial and ongoing assessment of an injured or ill person
Scene safety
Body substance isolation/bloodborne pathogens
Performing an emergency move
Placing an ill person in the recovery position
Opening and maintaining an airway
Providing rescue breathing
Managing an obstructed airway
Performing adult/one-rescuer CPR
Recognizing the warning signs and symptoms of medical problems
Recognizing and caring for an injured or ill person with decreased levels of responsiveness
Controlling external bleeding and recognizing internal bleeding
Recognizing and caring for victims of shock
Recognizing and stabilizing spinal injury
Recognizing and manually stabilizing suspected skeletal injuries
Knowledge of voluntary provisions of first aid, consent and confidentiality (WAC 296-24)

Additional topics include:

CPR for children and infants
Caring for illness emergencies:
heart attack, stroke, diabetic, seizures, asthma, and allergies
Bites: animal, human, snake, spiders, and ticks
Heat related injuries
Cold related injuries
Electrical injuries and Poisoning

WA State requires successful completion of First Aid Training
(which includes CPR) every two years
instead of one year for CPR and three years for First Aid.

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